Visit Morro de São Paulo – Bahia

Are you looking for peace, picturesque beaches, warm waters and simply no cars to get on your way? You found the right place: Morro de São Paulo in Bahia, Brazil.

As a native Brazilian, I love beaches and nature. And these ones here you will never forget, especially because their names are so easy to remember: Primeira, Segunda, Terceira and Quarta Praias (First, Second, Third and Fourth Beaches). There are no cars. Only pedestrians and “taxi-jegue” (a kind of wagon pulled by a donkey). The only motorized thing you will see is the tractor that collects garbage. All of this means, no stress at all!

The first time we went to Morro de São Paulo was 14 years ago. This place is so special that it is known as having the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

But wait a minute: getting to paradise is not that easy. However, we will show you the way! Come and join us!

Where is it?

The closest airport is in Salvador, the capital of Bahia. Since Morro is an island you have different options to get there.

By air: this is the fastest but also the most expensive way to get there. In Salvador Airport you can get a small airplane that takes around 30 minutes to land in Morro. The price, 400 reais (around 110 dollars) per person/each way.

By sea: from Mercado Modelo in downtown, there are speedboats and catamarans (it costs around 30 dollars per person each way). It takes around 2 hours to get to Morro. Just notice that the last speedboat leaves at 2:30 pm. (Recommended)

By road and sea: this is the longest way to get to Morro but at the same time the cheapest. You will have to cross Baía de Todos os Santos up to Bom Despacho, in Itaparica Island. It takes 40 minutes. Then you will have to take a bus to the city of Valença (80 miles). Once you get there, go to the Port of Valença and take a speedboat to Morro de São Paulo (more 30 minutes). The last speedboat leaves at 6:00 pm.

We decided to go by sea. As we said before, it takes around 2 hours to get there so we recommend you take some medicine if you easily get seasick.

When you get there

You will feel yourself at home. There is this beautiful dock welcoming people from all around the world. Then you see why the name “Morro de São Paulo” (literally São Paulo Hill). It is not easy to take your bags up the hill without help. But help is what you’ll get there, don’t worry.

taxi carriola
“Taxis” in Morro de São Paulo – Photo: Google Images


There are plenty of options to choose, from luxury resorts to friendly guesthouses.

If you choose to stay in the village, you will have to walk every day to the beaches. The First and the Second Beaches are the closest to the village.

If you decide to stay in a guesthouse on the beach, then you will have to walk every night up to the village to eat at restaurants and to do some shopping.

Be ready! You will walk a lot in Morro!

The beaches

Primeira Praia (First Beach). This is the shortest in extension but if you are an adventurous person you will like to know that there is a tyrolean that gets directly to this beach. The view is amazing.

View from “Primeira Praia” – Photo: Viaje Caju
View from “Primeira Praia” – Photo: Viaje Caju

If you a party animal go to Segunda Praia (Second Beach). At night, the bars are always opened and will you have a blast drinking the famous Brazilian Caipirinha. There are also these tents where they prepare drinks using very different fruit. Try cupuaçu, graviola and acerola.

How about a different Caipirinha – Photo: Viaje Caju

On Terceira Praia (Third Beach) there are many hotels and guesthouses and it is a great place to relax and to go snorkeling. Remember that the tides change rapidly so try to check the tides before you go snorkeling.

Quarta Praia (Fourth Beach) is the longest (almost 5 miles), but it is a walk you will never forget. Breathtaking view is what you will get: palm trees, mangrove forest, Atlantic Forest, white sand and calm waters where you can easily see fish in the natural pools along the beach.

If you still have some breath left go to Fifth Beach (or Praia do Encanto) where you will find an untouchable place. Gorgeous!

On the other side of the island, there is Gamboa Beach, where you can find a wall of colored clay. That means a free beauty treatment! So why not give it a try?

On Praia do Forte you can see the most beautiful sunset of the island. It’s worth spending an afternoon there.

morrodesp1 (58)
Colorful sunset – Photo: Viaje Caju

For a beautiful sunset, you can also go to Toca do Morcego Bar and Restaurant.

Some tips before you go to Morro:

  • Stay at least 7 days! You can visit all the beaches and also spend one day in Boipeba Island. Unforgettable!
  • Before you go, take some medicine, if you normally get seasick.
  • Be ready to walk a lot! But don’t worry, you will like it.
  • Enjoy every minute! Morro de São Paulo is the perfect place to be in touch with nature, without cars or any stress, with a lot of sun, beaches and fun!

Talk to us if you need more information about Morro de São Paulo.

Have a great trip!

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